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“Discover How To Build Massive, Apple Peaked Biceps, Horseshoe Triceps and Powerful Club-Like Forearms Using A Series Of Simple Exercises That Will Add Inches To Your Arms In As Little As 4 Weeks!  

“Learn The Proven Blue Print Formula, To Exploding Your Arms And Be The Envy Of All Gym Members”

(Leon Cruz)
( )

Dear Spaghetti arms;

How would you like to build the arms of your dreams? Are you frustrated going to the gym day in and day out and working hard just to see minimal gains for all your efforts? Have you been doing the same old bicep exercises for months now, and have experienced no growth? Have you been looking for the most effective and proven biceps exercises and training methods that will add inches to you arms in the shortest possible time?

If you can relate to any of the above statements then you MUST read every word on this page because in a minute I will teach you EXACTLY what you need to do, step by step, to gain inches to your biceps and shape and sculpt your triceps so that you are no longer referred to as having a pair of pencil arms. You will be able to showcase a huge pair of guns instead.  

Believe Me I Know What Its Like To Have Pencil Thin Arms

No matter how hard I trained my arms, the growth just did not come as I expected it to. This is one of the reasons why I was named “Pencil Arms”. I know your pain. I have always had a strong chest and back, strong legs but still could not develop my arms to save my life. It wasn’t before I devoted up to six months of research that I discovered what works for those individuals that have a hard time putting on inches on their arms. I also discovered a system of not only exercises but a whole integrated system to pack on inches to not only your arms but your whole body as well. Now I will reveal all this information to you.

What you need To Build Rock Solid Arms…

Like you I have been in the same frustrating situation. It came to a point where I actually though you needed the right genetic make up for big arm development; I though you needed a personal trainer or some wonder supplement but I discovered that it isn’t so. You see, what is needed is a workable plan and the work ethic to make the plan work.

To succeed at Big arm building what is needed are Step –By- Step lessons on how to quickly build “APPLE PEAKED” Biceps. A plan that will help you discover how to add inches of impressive muscle size to your arms and automatically beef up your bodyweight as well.

You will learn Lessons on how to achieve deeply etched horseshoe triceps, How to get large club like forearms. The program must contain fresh and new arm building routines. You must also learn about nutrition and supplement secrets for adding size to your arms and your whole body along with proper hormonal manipulation.

A complete intergraded approach is what we need. Also, you should learn Training strategies that can be applied even without any equipment and instruction on how to execute the exercises correctly.

Here comes the Herculean Big Arm Building Course. How to build large and powerful arms. How to develop shapely and muscular arms with refreshing exercises and proven techniques and strategies.

You will discover how to add inches of impressive muscle to your arms and also instantly add loads of muscle size to your bodyweight as well.

These can’t fail muscle building exercises and techniques, proven muscle building diet and scientific nutritional and supplementation program will deliver results regardless of how much of a hard gainer you may think you are or regardless of how many big arms courses you may have worked with in the past.

Listen to what Bill Hume from Wyoming has to say…


Hello Leon...this is Billy.

I really want to thank you for your awesome Huge Arm program, your expert advice...and most of all the amazing  results!

You should just hear the compliments my friends, family, and my wife are now saying about my "Huge Arms"!

Thanks to your program I have really opened my eyes to what works and what doesn't.

By focusing on your "Big Arm Training Principles ", my arm training is now more productive in less time! Your program is simple to follow and delivers powerful results and information.

The Herculean Big Arm Course ROCKS!!! Thanks so much Leon!!

For everyone hesitating about getting this big arm program, it should be a no brainer. If you're willing to put in the effort, the program will PUMP UP YOUR ARMS!"

Muscle Building,

Here's just a taste of what you will get with My Herculean Big Arm Step-by-Step System:

  • You will learn about the most effective workout routine to use that will help explode growth into your arms and have you doing just two arm exercises. 

  • You will learn tried and true techniques that will Blast your arm development to new heights.
  • You will add loads of muscle size to your body.

  • You will learn what supplements to use in your quest for large arms.

  • You will discover how to build shapely and strong arms with refreshing exercises and new techniques and strategies.
  • You will discover simple yet powerful ways to building Apple peaked biceps, Horse shoe triceps, club-like forearms and a vice like grip.

  • You will learn how to utilize the best training routine so that your arms will explode with new growth.

  • You will discover how to utilize the body’s most powerful hormone and utilize it effectively to pack on size throughout the body and build large arms, and it isn’t testosterone.
  • You will learn how to use some of the most powerful supplements that actually work in building muscle.

  • You‘ll discover simple and sure fire ways to blast through any and every arm building plateau you may encounter…your friends will not understand how and why you will be able to pack on mass day by day while they get stuck in a deadly plateau.

  • You will discover how and why the depletion of muscle glycogen is key to the secretion of GH and testosterone and the exact step-by-step directions on how to unleash bucket loads of testosterone through your system…(that will give your arms muscles no other option but to Grow and Grow …like weeds on super potent fertilizer…)

  • You’ll find sure-fire and fail-proof ways to add slabs and slabs of dense raw muscle to your biceps and triceps …you’ll be proud of your prize winning “Apple peaked’ biceps and ‘horse shoe’ triceps” Build your arms to massive proportions-the sort of size that most of us who go to the gym day in and day out lust.

  • You will discover the exact length of training and overload needed to blast your arms size and strength through the roof. Discover why the “experts” are way off if not dead wrong with their “high-volume workouts’ and ‘high intensity’ shock workouts…. there is a scientific balance between volume and intensity…discover it and your arms will not stop growing!

  • You will learn how to use an intergraded approach to your arm training. Taking your training, nutrition and supplementation program to new explosive heights.

  • Why training your arms once a week will halt your gains in arm training and cause your arms to lose size and strength. The enact frequency needed for massive arm gains…this fact will shock you…and yet please you when you actually see how fast it will boost your biceps and triceps size and strength.

  • How a special insider bodybuilding triceps exercise invented in the 70’s can help your arm grow beyond your wildest imagination…you will see and feel your triceps develop into thick slabs of rock hard mass and hang down like a bunch of grapes  hanging from your arms and add an impressive 1-2 inches of arm size in just 2-3 weeks…this exercise is virtually unknown in most gyms and it is so simple to perform all you need is a pulley machine and some cheap inexpensive hardware that can be purchased at your local hardware store.

  • The single most important macronutrient to consume that will ensure you build lean muscle mass without gaining a morsel of body fat…it is not carbohydrates or proteins.

  • How to target your central nervous system (CNS) to instantly increase your arm strength and size. 99% of all arm routines out there miss this important component of rapid muscle growth…yet this kind of training is responsible for outrageous muscle growth in the arms. The blaze of brilliant growth will beat at each individual muscle fiber as you stimulate the central nervous system and every repetition you perform will be nursing, rather than hindering your biceps from entering new startling levels of growth.

  • Discover a simple fat that immediately boosts energy by 50% without being stored as body fat allowing you to train with “inhuman intensity” …all without the “roller coaster effects” caused by the consumption of simple carbohydrates.

  • The best wrist position for working both the long and short head of your biceps and triceps - the answer to this will surprise you, it is so simple yet all the experts have missed it and yet it can instantly add an extra 30% more growth stimulation out of every set of curls you perform.

  • How to cycle your arm workouts to avoid all chances of ever hitting a training plateau. Your friends will wonder what you are on or what secret you you blast through any and every plateau like Godzilla going through a Japanese town. And there is so much more.

  • Discover how to persistently and progressively apply maximum overload and intensity to a muscle in a sufficient length of time and frequency that will threaten the survival mechanism of the body, allowing immediate and sudden arm growth and trash compactor type strength…. this will be the most intense and most productive  “Shoulder to writs arm blitz” you will ever experience in your entire life.

  • How to use the revolutionary arm training system that will add additional size to your arms in just 3 weeks! You will be surprised at how simple and powerfully effective this technique is  and yet  it will shock you when you see your arms explode with new vascularity, muscularity, density  and size.

  • You will discover a breakthrough natural supplement mix, which promotes rapid muscle growth and increases strength gains by and it speeds up recovery times, increases muscularity, density, increases work capacity, spares muscle catabolism and boosts testosterone levels naturally.

  • You will discover the best exercises for building triceps and keep in mind it is not dips, press downs or close grip benches. This old–school exercise will fill out your triceps like a water balloon and do it so fast; it will scare you and your training partners…. And have them accuse you of taking steroids.

  • You will discover how to train and maintain your big arms through simple bodyweight exercises. Great for those who are on the road.

  • You will learn how to train your arms when you do not have access to a gym.

  • Through simple techniques and strategies, you will be able to maintain and even gain more muscle with just two basic arm exercises.

How much will The Herculean Big Arm System cost me?

Great question; we’ll get to that in a minute, but let us first think about this..

Its two weeks from today and you have been able to add two inches to your arms with much less effort than you expected.

Even better, you know for a fact that you now have the knowledge to add inches to your arms at will using the blueprint techniques and strategies outlined in the Herculean Big arm course. Now stop and look back to today, considering the fact that you are now able to add inches to your arms at will, what price tag would have made this a good investment?

Now let us look at the alternative. Let’s say you hire a personal trainer at about $80.00 a session. Along with that you buy a gym membership so that you have access to a place where the trainer can train you at. Now, the gym membership goes for about $300.00 for the year. You see your personal trainer three times a week, which comes out to $240.00 a week.

If you remain faithful to the program you are looking to spend $960.00 for the first month and $11,520.00 for the year. Along with that, you add the gym membership fee of $300.00 and now we are talking about $11,820.00 all together. I don’t know about you but that is mucho dinero for a system that will give you marginal results and minimal gains at best.

You can search the net for big arm programs. You will quickly see that many of these courses are just rehashed information from the magazines. Many of these programs go for about $49.00-$99.00 at a pop. These so called big arm programs are nothing but expensive magazine articles.

Based on all the information I presented here, I could charge you $11,820.00 for my course, but I am willing to take all the risks. I am so confident in my Herculean Big Arm course that I want you to have it for just $9.00!!!

Over the course of a year that would break down to about only $0.03. Now is it worth $0.03 a day to build the arms of your dreams and be the envy of all your friends? Of course it is!

And Just incase you are still undecided about downloading The Herculean Big Arm Course I am going to throw in some extremely valuable bonuses.

If you order today you will get everyone of the products listed below- (FREE)


Claim Your Copy Today And Get The Following Bonuses For FREE...

  • Bonus # 1 ‑How to strengthen your rotator cuffs for bigger arms” Did you know that to build large and strong arms you must have strong rotators, fixators and stabilizers. This special report will show you how to work and build these valuable muscle groups with simple movements that only take minutes a day. Valued at $19.95. Yours Free!

  • Bonus # 2 ‑How to develop a powerful core for bigger biceps”. Did you know that if your core strength & development is off it can have an impact on your arm training. With this special report you will see. Valued at $9.95. Yours Free!

  • Bonus # 3 - “How to perform just two conditioning training drills that will turn your body into a fat burning machine”. Who needs all of those fancy cardio machines when you can do just two exercises that will literally turn your body into a fat burning machine? You will discover what they are in this special bonus report valued at $19.95. Yours Free!

  • Bonus # 4 -   Discover eight of the most powerful muscle building supplements that will take your arm growth to the next level. You will learn that there are supplements out there that actually help build muscle. This report valued at $19.95. Yours Free!

Total Value of Bonuses - $69.00 

You're Fully Protected By My 365 Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not getting the desired results from my Herculean Big Arm Course I will refund every penny you spent on this program. I am so confident in my Herculean Big Arm Course that I am offering you a comprehensive 100%, 365 days money back guarantee.

If after you implement my powerful system for building massive arms and you do not add inches to your arms or if for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with the course, just e-mail me your training journal to show me that you gave it an honest try.

As stated before, I am so confident in my system that you will grow if you put to work the techniques and strategies outlined in the course. If you are not satisfied for any reason, I will give you every penny you spent on the course and as my “thank you” you will get to keep my four bonuses. This is my gift to you.

This is my way of saying thank you for using the course. This introductory offer may be pulled at any time so I urge you to take advantage and claim your copy now. You have nothing to lose unless you fail to act.

You're Only A Mouse Click Away from Building Apple Peaked Biceps and Horseshoe Triceps!

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You can spend years waking up each and every morning dreaming about having the perfect biceps, triceps and forearms like I once did in search of what worked and what did not.

But doesn’t it make more since to skip the learning curve and use the simple and proven techniques and strategies outlined in the Herculean Big Arm Course? So take action today and use the exact step by step training methods I taught to hundreds of my clients.

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Sincerely Yours,

Leon Cruz

P.S. If you do not order my course how will you achieve your goal of building the arms of your dreams? Remember the Money back Guarantee al ong with the four free bonuses valued at $69.00, which are yours to keep even if you return your course for a full refund. Claim your copy now!!

Get Started on exploding your arms today.

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